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Clyde Carson grabs the spotlight on the newest episode of The Showcase and shares with Skee.TV his past, present and what fans can look forward to in the near future. A native of Oakland, Calif. and member of the group The Team, Bay Area rapper Clyde Carson gives insight into his humble beginnings in Hip Hop and what he's working hard to accomplish. Fresh off the recent success of his hit single "Slow Down" featuring The Team, Carson explains how he began making music around 2001-2002 and eventually found his way to New York where he learned a lot about the business. Inspired by the movement and sound of the Bay Area, Clyde eventually found his way back home to Oakland and stresses that it's important to keep the sound of his home turf relevant within his music. The former Blackwall Street signee also reassures fans they can expect new music from The Team with their new collaborative 3 Kings mixtape which is set to drop sometime later this year.

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