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Scarface Says Emeritus is His Last Album

(According to MTV) Scarface says he's taking a final bow. He wants the upcoming Emeritus to be his last solo LP. "I don't retire, I quit," he laughed, standing on a golf course in Houston. "It feels real good. The Emeritus record, the reason I'm so proud of it is because it's my last. I'm done, man. If you leave it up to me, I quit. Only thing that's gonna bring me back [is] if I do an album with somebody. Me, Cube and Nas do something, or me and Jigga and Beans do something. It's gotta be a trio or duo. Me and Bun B do a duo. That's why I took that name Emeritus, dude. Because I'm gone. I'm retiring with honors and still holding the position." The usually humble Uncle Face actually bragged a bit when talking about himself, his career and his newest album. "I'm not just one of the best in Houston, I'm one of the best in the world," he said with a grin. "My mama had to bring that to my attention. I think she's been on the Internet. She's been reading how good I am. I didn't realize how good I am until my mama told me." We heard Emeritus last week, and Face can definitely say he's going out on a high note. That intro from J. Prince is very interesting, and wait until you hear what Face has to say about Lil' Troy. Brutal. "I really discussed. I talked about sh-- that was relevant, that meant something," he said. "It's bigger than what I ride in. Bigger than where I live. Bigger than what I drink. Bigger than the jewels I rock. I got some good records." Face locked into his zone while recording, but did mange to take a break every day to swing on the greens. "When I was doing the Emeritus album, I was playing my ass off," he said about his love of golfing. "That's all we had to do. Come out here and play and go to the studio. I wanna play [Luther Campbell]. Me and Luke are gonna get together and do a hip-hop golf tournament. We should. It makes for a great tournament." Face said that besides Luke, he'd think about squaring off against the King of Crunk, Lil Jon. "I don't think Lil gonna wanna wrassle with me," Face said. "You better call Will Smith for me. ... Call the Fresh Prince for me. We was on tour with Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes when he was with Leaders of the New School. We had A Tribe Called Quest on the tour. How long I been in the game? Look at Q-Tip. Q-Tip is still relevant. I love that dude." Emeritus is slated for December 2.

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