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The tenori-on is an innovative, engaging and revolutionary digital musical instrument, developed by world renowned media artist toshio iwai and yamaha. The basic format of a 16x16 matrix of led switches creates a "visible music" interface that does much more than you could begin to imagine. With multiple voices, like a standard synth, included drum-kits, midi control and sampler functions, the tenori-on propels itself straight to the top of any digital or synthesised music creator's needs list. By operating and interacting with the led buttons and the light they produce, you gain access to the tenori-on's numerous performance capabilities. Various modes of operation mean you can create awesome drum tracks, catchy melodies, and smooth riffs by the touch of a few buttons. And thanks to the auto-quantizing and major scale, everything you touch and thus create, will sound musical - with no exception. As standard, tenori-on includes 239 per-set voices, 14 drum kits and a 32 note polyphonic playback. Also built-in are 2 effects processors that include 10 different reverbs and 5 chorus effects. Further to that, you can sample your own audio and use your own sounds, with up to 0.97 seconds and up to 16 samples per voice using the supplied tenori-on user voice manager software and the sd card compatibility. Flip the unit on it's side, then the 16 rows of led switches become a mixer, with level control for each of the 16 layers (programmed recorded takes or performance tracks). As if that wasn't enough, this mixer function can be used to control any midi compatible software, such as ableton, cubase or dj software, therefore allowing further expansion of it's versatility. A midi in function allows for synchronised performance using two tenori-on instruments while the midi out allows for further external device control. A battery power option and built-in speakers mean you can compose, create and enjoy the tenori-on on the move. Yet plug the headphone output into any sound system and the sheer beefiness of the sounds can be portrayed to an audience. Despite it's complexity, and almost incomprehensible capabilities, the tenori-on is so easy to use it brings music creation, performance and programming to a whole new level. Creating beats, bass lines, riffs or complete musical pieces is now totally at your finger tips and has never been so easy..or addictive!

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