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(According to NY Post) A former childhood friend of the alleged victim in the R. Kelly kid-porn case said yesterday that she recognized the R&B superstar, as well as the teen who appeared in the sex tape at the center of the case. Simha Jamison, 24, testified that her friend introduced the Grammy-winning singer to her when they were both 13 and that she witnessed Kelly give the girl cash, ranging from $100 to $500, on numerous occasions. The girls would then go on shopping sprees, she said. Jamison said when they were about 13, they got matching mullet haircuts - a hairdo she recognized on the sex tape. Jamison said she hung out with the girl - who is not being identified because she is an alleged sex-crime victim - and Kelly several times. A Chicago cop who is the aunt of the alleged victim testified that she, too, recognized her underage niece on the tape. But the defense countered that the aunt, along with a disgruntled former employee of Kelly's - singer Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards - were trying to extort money from the superstar. The aunt denied the accusation.

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